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What We Do

Green Lantern Solar brings our in-house financial and development expertise to commercial and community solar projects — enabling businesses, the public sector, education and healthcare organizations to achieve their sustainability goals.

We provide in-house financing and development at any stage of the solar project lifecycle, closing the gap between land acquisition and project deployment. Our commitment to delivering successful commercial and community solar projects through transactional efficiency and collaboration unlocks new opportunities for success for our customers.

Project Development

We provide project development for commercial and community solar projects at any stage of the solar project lifecycle. Green Lantern Solar’s comprehensive project development services include site acquisition and leasing, site design and surveying, state and local permitting and legal contract creation and execution.

Project Financing

Green Lantern Solar’s deep roots as pioneers in solar financing date back to 2011, when we brokered one of the first tax-equity deals in the industry. Today, we provide project financing for commercial and community solar projects at any stage of the solar project lifecycle, bringing innovation and value to our customers and investors.

Land Leasing & Acquisition

Green Lantern Solar works with landowners such as farmers to lease their land for solar installations. Leasing your land provides a host of benefits, such as generating long-term, consistent revenue; saving on utility bills; supporting your local economy; reducing your carbon footprint; and contributing to energy independence.

Engineering, Procurement & Construction

Green Lantern Solar’s EPC team, with decades of experience in commercial construction, energy and supply-chain management, gets the job done by being flexible and innovative. With development, financing, EPC and asset management all in-house, we are able to optimize work quality, cost and project cycle times — providing exceptional value for our customers and investors.

Ownership & Asset Management

Green Lantern Solar’s dedicated asset management team manages contracts, billing, utility relations and annual reporting, and serves as the liaison for investors, lenders and customers. Our experienced team has a deep understanding of how the projects, contracts and financing structures all work together to optimize returns to lenders and investors, and to deliver maximum savings to customers.

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