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Collaboration with Vermont Energy Education Program to Encourage Environmental Curriculum

Eden Shullenberger

Waterbury VT – Green Lantern Solar ( and VEEP (Vermont Energy Education Program –, are pleased to announce a new collaboration intended to enhance VEEP’s ability to deliver its energy and environmental curriculum to schools in Vermont.

The idea for this collaboration was sparked when Green Lantern Solar General Counsel Dave Carpenter met with students of the BFA Fairfax High School Climate Change Club. One of Green Lantern’s solar array provides net metering credits to the high school, and the students are studying the effects of climate change and potential solutions with a curriculum being provided by VEEP.

“It just made sense,” said Carpenter. For up to three schools that engage VEEP and Green Lantern each academic year (including this one) Green Lantern will cover the cost of VEEP’s curriculum.

“VEEP’s stated mission is to help Vermont students, teachers, and school communities build a deep understanding of energy and climate. Green Lantern has more than 40 school clients already, and we are always looking for ways to save schools money and expand the green economy,” said Green Lantern President Luke Shullenberger. “This collaboration with VEEP complements the scholarships we offer, and hopefully will give Vermont kids a headstart.”

Green Lantern Solar has developed nearly 100 solar and solar+storage projects that annually produce approximately 75 Gigawatt-hours of clean, renewable solar electricity. Along with creating clean energy and savings, Green Lantern’s net metering projects also generate lease payments for the array hosts and tax payments to the State. Green Lantern’s net metering projects contribute to Vermont’s robust renewable energy sector, which according to state statistics, has generated thousands of quality, high-paying jobs across the state.

Green Lantern’s operations make positive impacts throughout Vermont. Green Lantern has remote offices in Waterbury, S. Burlington, Addison County, Brattleboro and Waitsfield, and its design consultants are located in Burlington (TJ Boyle), Colchester (Krebs & Lansing), Huntington (Arrowwood Environmental), and Montpelier (Solar Power Engineering). Green Lantern’s contractors and their employees are located throughout Vermont as well, in Guilford (MT3 Unlimited), Orwell (Homestead Fence), South Burlington (E&S Electric), and Isle LaMotte (Daybreak Solarworks).

Net metering programs like Vermont’s also provide other valuable benefits. They provide the economic framework for customers to participate directly in the green economy and the fight against climate change and allow for the increased deployment of distributed generation by leveraging outside private investment. In fact, a recent report by Synapse Economics found that from 2014 to 2019, small-scale solar in New England saved utilities and all ratepayers – not just those participating directly – more than $1.1 billion, $79 million of that in Vermont alone

Green Lantern Solar is a vertically integrated regional renewable energy development company with a particular emphasis on turn-key commercial solar solutions for municipal, education, healthcare and government entities. Green Lantern works with landowners to revitalize and re-develop low-value sites such as brownfields, landfills, quarries/pits/extraction sites and other challenging real estate. The company provides a full suite of services: development, financing, construction and operations, maintenance and asset management.